14 comments on “Remembering Bill Gordon

    • awonderful tribute. he used to fly over my house with billy segalla, loved it when I heard the planes coming. so sorry RIP billy

  1. How beautiful! Thank you for putting in words how so many of us lucky few (who really knew Bill, the real Bill) feel.
    I am honored to call him friend, and once a time ago my brother-in-law.

  2. I really haven’t seen Bill since high school. It sounds like he made a wonderful life for himself and impacted many people. How wonderful that he was able to do that and he found his passion and had a family that he loved. I enjoyed reading your story about him and I’m sorry for your loss. I hope he is somewhere wonderful catching up with his wife.

  3. Amazing tribute, Billy was a great person. On so many levels. he will forever be missed.

  4. Know bill Gordon all my life him and my dad was best of friends on grew up on his familys farm he was a great man he will never be forgotten you will be greatly missed me and pop talk about him All the time

  5. Bill you left us too soon but it is your time to fly with the angles. Show them how it’s done my friend.

  6. For anyone to capture the heart of my Life long friend Susan Cabanas which is not easy and worthy of being in the family circle deserve’s Much Respect he will be fever missed along with a host of other Aviation Legends. Freddie Cabanas, Amanda Franklin, Bobby Younkin,Jimmy Franklin ,Jane Wicker

  7. That was a wonderful tribute. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of all things aerobatic. Carol, he thought that you had a cute tush. I will miss him.

  8. Carol, you put into words my exact thoughts! Everytime I drive my 57 Chevy I think of Bill. He did the prebuy for me and told me “If you don’t buy this, I’m going to!”. He was my best friend and I miss him more than you can imagine. In 25 yrs of announcing air shows for Bill and Billy we became like brothers and I can say that Bill was a rare breed and one of a kind. He’ll never be forgotten and I often have to laugh remembering some of Bills pranks. RIP dear friend.

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