Pilots in Command

Pilot in Command – Stefan Trischuk


photo by Carol Pilon

Stefan Trischuk is a passionate aviator with a love for all forms of flight. Stefan first became airborne in a simple hang glider when he was seventeen. Stefan soon discovered aerobatic aircraft and spent his twenties focused on aerobatic competitions and performing at air shows all across North America. He spent several years working as an Air Ambulance Captain in northern Canada and, currently works as an airline pilot for West Jet, flying the Boeing 737.

Stefan has flown thirty different types of aircraft ranging from an ultra light powered parachute to large jet airliners. His qualifications are extensive and include ATP licensing and he boasts an unrestricted aerobatic statement of competency for solo aerobatics, dogfight and formation aerobatics in several different types of aircraft.

Stefan has been featured on television and is very comfortable with doing publicity, media interviews and working with film crews. He maintains an infectious excitement for all forms of flight and loves to share his passion of aviation.


Pilot in Command – Mike Tryggvason

Mike Tryggvason is one of a unique few who can call flying a privilege, a passion, and a profession. From the first time, taking the controls of a Cessna while sitting on his father’s lap as a toddler, flying has been his life’s work, with each and every day dedicated to the calling. Since achieving his commercial pilot’s license in 2004, he slowly worked though the flying ranks, first as a bush pilot, then a regional pilot, then an airline level instructor, and finally a jet pilot at a major airline. From the beginning, high performance aerobatics have been his driving motivation. He is happiest when He gets to strap into a plane with excessive horsepower and turn the world upside down. His first introduction to aerobatics was in 2004 when he learned how to land a Pitts Special with Gerry Younger, and later took spin and formal aerobatic training with Debby Rhin-Harvey. Since then, he has been flying in aerobatic competitions and airshows, most recently competing in the Advanced category at the US National Aerobatic Championships, achieving a second place finish on the final Team selection Unknown flight. Michael views flying the Stearman with a wingwalker on the wing as a thrilling progression to his aviation adventure. Michael lives in the greater Toronto area, is an avid parachuter and enjoys motorcycle racing during his down time.