3 comments on “Where your sexy be at?

  1. I have always been impressed by women making their way in what is considered by some as a man’s world. Its sex appeal pure and simple, a smiling face and the knowledge to do a hard job is the key. I think the blame for the absence of sex appeall should be placed on television. Sex has been over-exposed by television to the point that there is no appeciation for natural beauty. After 31 years in the aviation business, I’ve seen it all and I have no problem with female pilots, but wing walkers are special to me………pc

  2. Well personally Carol, when I met you in Winston Salem I thought you had very much sex appeal..Keep on being you 🙂

  3. Carol , I had the good fortune to be one of the smoke oil guys for the Florence show. You did a great job and very sexy. I was impressed and thought about asking you to autograf my 32 Ford Roadster. I hope to see you again soon…….pc

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