Samantha Albrecht- Wingwalker


Samantha Albrecht- Wingwalker

Samantha Albrecht has been involved in aviation since the beginning of her life. Hailing from small town in Illinois, Sam’s mother would take her flying in the family’s Cessnas 140 and 180 when she was a mere toddler. The magic of flight was hers to discover and she has always kept it close to her heart. No silver spoon for her however as she was expected to help clean and maintain the aircraft in exchange for the privilege of flying in them.

Five generations of the Albrecht family have been dedicated to the U.S. military. Samantha has contributed to the continuation of this legacy by serving seven years in the United States Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller and Space Systems Operator. Samantha is currently serving in the Air National Guard where she specializes in Space Electronic Warfare and she is also a Civilian Orbital Analyst at the National Space Defense Center.

Samantha’s involvement with air shows is not new. As a youth she worked with Rich’s Incredible Pyro as a special effects pyrotechnician where she was afforded the opportunity to be included in a Guinness World Record, set in 2007, for the world’s longest wall of fire in Terre Haute Indiana. The wall was 6736 feet long, 300 feet high and Samantha was  15 years old. Continuously reaching for the sky, she secured her PPL in 2015. She continued her ventures in air show performance by securing a position as lead wing walker with Shelton Aerobatics. She performed on the circuit for a season until she was deployed. Upon her return from deployment in South West Asia, Samantha purchased her first aircraft; an experimental cub that she enjoys maintaining and flying along the California central coast.

When Samantha is not rock climbing, flying, surfing, running, protecting us from the Empire or playing with dynamite, you can find her with Third Strike Wingwalking, clinging to flying wires and gracing the sky with her agility.